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Build a brand grounded in strategy, fueled by imagination.

Our proven branding process unfolds across four stages. Agile yet robust, our system gets your brand ready to launch on a start-up timeline with results built to last.

Our branding process*
Our strategy-first approach means we’ll build you a brand identity that hits home with your community and carves out a niche in your market.
Crafting your story & strategy

Through an interactive brand workshop and our own market research, we’ll discover your purpose, persona, and story — the strategic foundation of your brand.

We’ll distill our insights into an inspiring brand purpose statement that serves as the guiding star of your brand and a clear and compelling brand story to articulate who you are.

Defining your visual positioning

We’ll survey the competitive landscape and find the perfect position where your brand can fit in and stand out.

By exploring different design directions using moodboards, we’ll find the perfect way to visually express your brand story and strategy.

Creating your brand identity

We’ll build out a holistic, flexible, and cohesive brand system toolkit with everything you need to express yourself — from tone of voice to logos, type, colours, illustrations, imagery, and more.

An interactive brand guidelines website pulls it all together with inspiring examples and clear do’s and don’ts that keep you consistently on track as you grow.

Bringing your brand to life

Now that we’ve built an incredible new brand, it’s time to share it far and wide. We’ll work with your brand-marketing team to define a set of high-impact branded touchpoints that will help you launch with maximum impact.

Whether you need an awesome new website, a covetable branded merchandise collection, or an ad campaign, we’ve got your back.

*No two projects are alike, so we custom tailor our process to meet your needs and hit your goals.
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