Client: Introcast


What we did

Empowering podcasters to boost revenue and amplify reach

Introcast partnered with Studio Skulptur to bring their innovative and seamless monetization experience for podcasters to market. We worked with their team to develop a clear strategy, compelling messaging, and a brand identity that balanced trust with innovation.

The result is a brand that resonates with podcasters, networks, and agencies, and positions Introcast as a game-changing solution for podcast growth.

Brand strategy / Brand identity / Website design
What we did
Digital design / Social media
Full website here.

"As an early-stage company, we needed to build trust and recognition in the market. Studio Skulptur transformed our brand and the results have been incredible.

Their lean, agile process is perfectly tailored to a startup workflow, and helped us lay a mission-driven brand foundation for the future.

The brand sprint gave our team energy and clarity, and the strategic and practical tools we need to grow."

Timothy Lee
Founder of Introcast
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