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Brand holding you back? We got you.

From research to roll-out, we’ll (re)build your brand from the ground up.

Laying a strong strategic foundation. Because design without strategy isn’t design.
Research & immersion
We believe your brand is already within your business. To set it free, we need to understand your culture, your competition, and your customers. Workshops, interviews, and market analysis help us chart the course forward and get every stakeholder on board for change.
Brand purpose
We’ll distill our research into your brand purpose statement  — your North Star that guides us through the branding process and beyond. Having a clear why for what you do gives your team and community something to rally around and future-proofs your brand.
Brand personality & story
We’ll hone in on the right personality that lets your purpose shine through and craft a story that builds a deep connection with your audience.
Brand positioning
We’ll survey the landscape and find the perfect niche for your brand to fit in and stand out to maximize impact and growth potential.
We’ll transform our strategic foundation into an ownable name that conveys the personality of your brand and sets you apart from the crowd.
Transforming strategic thinking into a holistic brand system.
Look & feel 
Building from our strategic foundation, we’ll explore different design directions that express your purpose and personality through a bold visual language.
Tone of voice & brand copywriting
Your brand is more than just the way you look, it’s how you speak to your customers. We’ll define a tone of voice that resonates with your audience and bring it to life with compelling brand copywriting.
Design system
A flexible, holistic visual identity is key for a consistent, stand-out brand. We’ll create a brand universe with all the assets you need to express your vision including: logo system, graphic elements, colour palette, typography system, photography recommendations, and illustration and iconography.
Brand illustration
We create custom illustrative libraries that give your brand personality and ownability. From icons to editorial and spot illustrations, we’ve got you covered.
Brand animation
We’ll set your brand in motion with animated logos and graphics that can come to life across app launch screens, brand hype reels, and more.
A clear, interactive brand guidelines website serves as the toolkit your team can rely on to build and grow your brand with consistency and inspiration.
Bringing your brand to life.
We’ll custom build a site that converts and brings your brand to life. Learn more about our web design process here.
Pitch deck
Leverage your brand to tell a compelling investor opportunity story with a customized pitch deck crafted to raise the capital you need to realize your vision.
Sales & marketing materials
We’ll create cohesive, distinct sales and marketing assets across digital and print media.
Design templates
We’ll make it easy for your team to produce consistent, on-brand content with easy to use, flexible design templates for everything from social media posts, and digital ads to presentations.
Ad campaigns
Build your reach and recognition with ad campaign concepts and design across digital, print, and OOH media.
Branded merchandise
Boost your employer branding impact or sales game with a customized collection of branded merchandise.
Animated brand video
We’ll bring your brand to life with an animated brand video that tells your story and showcases your new brand to your team and audience.
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