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Studio Skulptur founders Lana Belton, Madeleine Berg, and Emma Skaaning Photo by: Anthony Georgis

Studio Skulptur founders Lana Belton, Madeleine Berg, and Emma Skaaning
Photo by: Anthony Georgis

About us

We’re an international boutique brand design agency based in Berlin with a passion for building extraordinary brands.

Our work is grounded in strategy and driven by curiosity. We dream big and we deliver. By setting strong strategic foundations, we create innovative brands built to launch and to last.


How we work


Every innovative design starts with a strong concept, so we take the time to explore your world and discover what drives you and your brand. Curiosity is at the core of everything we do and we never pass up the opportunity to experiment.

From the first sketch to the final production, we’re with you every step of the way. We let our imaginations run wild, but our work is grounded in practical strategy.


How we can help you

From concept to implementation, we’ll bring your brand to life and make it shine.


Brand identity design

We dig deep to get to the heart of what drives your brand and connects to your dream customers. Then we bring it to life with expertly crafted, bold visual identities that stand out from the crowd. From eye-catching logos and custom illustrations to fresh art direction and detailed brand guidelines, we’ll create everything you need to make your brand soar to new heights.

  • Branding workshops

  • Brand value propositions

  • Brand guidelines

  • Logo design

  • Custom iconography

  • Custom illustration

  • Art direction


Promotional & marketing design

Fantastic brands should be flaunted! We’ll work with you to create a customized package of marketing materials to promote your brand to the right people. Whether you need a website and social media visuals or a collection of merchandise for your event, we’ll design everything you need to get people talking about your brand.

  • Website design

  • Social media visuals

  • Presentation design & custom pitch decks

  • Business cards

  • Stationery sets

  • Packaging design

  • Flyers & brochures

  • Posters

  • Branded merchandise

  • Digital & print ads


Publications & editorial design

Have a lot to say? We’ll bring your idea into focus with a beautifully crafted publication, magazine, or book. Form event programs and exhibition catalogues to magazines and books, we’ll work with you to design and produce engaging printed matter to promote your project and stand the test of time.

  • Editorial design

  • Magazine design

  • Publication design

  • Book design

  • Catalogue design

  • Event programs

  • Brand books

  • Artist books & photo books


What you’re saying about Studio Skulptur


“Studio Skulptur are highly creative, meticulous on delivering to deadline and also just lovely people to collaborate on projects with.”

—Claire Davidson, Director of Brand

“Together we have raised more than €500 million in capital for GetYourGuide. Studio Skulptur deeply understand our company history and vision and are able to visualize our story with engaging and impactful results.”

—Johannes Reck, CEO

“Continuously pushing for brave creative work, Madeleine, Emma and Lana really care about content and how to communicate it. No matter if it’s packaging design, postcards or even an entire corporate identity, we absolutely enjoy collaborating with them!”

—Jacob Flingelli, Founder and Co-Founder
Whitespace Coffee & Hausjungle


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